Cass County Commissioners

The decision on whether to proceed with the proposed industrial wind project referred to as Harvest Wind will ultimately come from the votes of these three men, county commissioners for Cass County Indiana.  Their contact information is listed.  Please contact all of them – be firm but polite and indicate your:

  1. opposition to the Harvest Wind project in its current form,
  2. the need for safe setbacks to protect the health & safety of residents (which the current zoning ordinance does not do, and
  3. your expectation that the commissioners will consider the  long term negative effects and unintended consequences of their actions on the county as a whole and both listen to their constituents input and answer questions.

The next meeting of the County Commissioners is on April 2, 1pm, in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room on the 2nd floor of the Cass County Government Building.  The meeting takes less than an hour, and includes a public comment period at the end.  

  • Jim Sailors is the head of both the planning commission and the commissioners.  The past several planning commission meetings have been canceled.  The next one is scheduled for April 3, 8:30am at the Cass County Courthouse.
  • Jeff LeDonne is up for re-election in 2018.  An opposing candidate whose positions align with Cass County Property Rights (and against the wind farm) is Ryan Browning.
  • Ralph Anderson is the commissioner for the townships that will be most impacted by the wind farm.  He is to be commended for attending public meetings on the subject and actively listening to input, but needs to know that his constituents include more voters that oppose the project than those whose silence has already been purchased by the wind farm developer.


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