Hoosiers and Rural Wind

We love wind.

The kind that creates pristine winter landscapes of drifted snow.  The kind that whistles through woods and creates wavy patterns in endless vistas of corn and beans.  The kind that chases falling leaves in autumn.  We love even the blustery wind of spring thunderstorms.  This kind of wind is part of what living in rural Indiana is all about.

It is a way of life we chose.


What we did not choose was the type of wind energy that comes with industrial wind farm development in a populated rural community.  The type of wind energy that divides neighbors and family members.  The type of wind energy that brings benefit to a few at the cost of misery for the masses.  The wind energy that brings towering interruptions of a rural landscape and casts flickering shadows over homes and farms.  We stand against trespass zoning that renders unusable the property of non-participating neighbors without consent or compensation.

We do not choose the wind energy that will interrupt sleep and well-being for many in exchange for payments to a few large landowners.  We reject the idea that this is the only or best way to solve systemic economic issues in our communities.

turbine storm.jpg

So we resist this intruder.  We stand together. We offer information so that people in our community can know the truth of how this will affect their lives and the future of our community.  We hold accountable those who invited and who welcomed the intruder – whether they are government officials or mis-informed neighbors.

We stand for the truth, with the hope that it will blow away the chafe and preserve a cherished way of life.



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